Thursday, April 4, 2013

Bouldering Crusade

It's been almost 6 weeks now since we left Ottawa, with every intention of immediately starting to climb some long routes in North Carolina. Looking back now, it's a little hard to believe that we have spent that entire time bouldering.

It all came to an end yesterday though, when we finally packed up our home/camp at Rocktown. After 14 days of bouldering there over the last few weeks it almost felt like we were locals, helping people find boulders and showing them cool problems. But with some warmer weather rolling in we are finally making our way to North Carolina to tie into a rope. Hopefully we won't be too terrified!

We had a lot of fun at Rocktown, climbed a lot of awesome problems and met a lot of really great people. Here are some pics from the last week.

Me starting up the Little Bad Boulder V5.

Kristal with one of her many heel hooks on Full Circle V5.

Me executing some super cool tall man beta on Drug Test Policy V7.

Kristal on Super Mario V3.

Me on the classic Golden Shower V5, on one of the most beautiful boulder faces anywhere.

Kristal on the cool Blue V6.

Me on the awesome Campus Punks slab V5.

Kristal catching the swing coming out of Red Belly, V4.

and working Contrail V5 on the beautiful Comet boulder.

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