Thursday, July 12, 2012

Long Days

Since arriving in the Rockies we have been drooling over the many long routes in our guidebook. There are a LOT of big mountains here, and even though a lot of the rock is of pretty poor quality, there is plenty of good (or at least 'good enough') rock to be found. We've been slowly working through our list over the last week. Our first big route was Direttissima 5.8+ up Mount Yamnuska, which is an impressive 1300 foot wall perched at the edge of the front range.

Here is Kristal traversing over to Direttissima along the top of the huge scree slope at the base of the cliff.

And some photos on route.

Kristal at the summit.

The backside of Yamnuska was actually quite surprising. After pulling over the lip of the sheer vertical wall you are presented with a seemingly never ending slope of loose rocks.

It was our first introduction to 'scree skiing', which is now our new favourite way to get down from the top of a climb.

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