Friday, May 25, 2012

Phoenix Heat

Before leaving Arizona we visited our friend Carol and her family in Phoenix.  It was great to relax for a couple of days and experience life in the baking heat of the desert.  I'm not sure how people live there, as the highs were over 40 degrees Celsius!  I guess you get used to it.  The pool definitedly helped.

Here I am playing with their dog Beau.

It was really cool to pick delicious grapefruit right off the tree in their backyard, and oranges from the trees growing beside the road.

There was also some cool wildlife to see. Some burrowing owls lived nearby.

And we hunted for scorpions in the back yard at night. They glow when you shine a black light on them. Perhaps not the most comforting things to find crawling around at night, but still cool.

As always, it was great to live on the inside for a while. Thanks so much for the hospitality Carol!

From there we headed to California. Our first stop was a couple of days of bouldering at Black Mountain.  It was nice to be in some cooler temperatures again, with some wonderful scenery and great free camping.

Here is one of the craziest looking boulders we've seen.

Some wacky mushrooms (we think).

We also hiked up to the nearby fire tower to enjoy the views.

And the drive up even came with a gift wrapped boulder!

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