Tuesday, June 21, 2011


The weather over the last week has been fantastic, which has, of course, made great climbing even better. Jason and I spent a day enjoying the sun at Lion's Head, where the white cliffs overlook water so clear that from hundreds of feet away you can see fish swimming. Seriously. It's ridiculous.

Last weekend, an old friend of mine, Deryl, came up from London. We had a great time climbing, eating cake for breakfast and lunch and were thoroughly amused by hikers. As one group came up the trail we heard them loudly scolding their kids to stay out of the caves 'cause they're full of raccoon crap. Seconds later they came around the corner, spotted us and hollered, "Hey! Are you freebasing?" We didn't quite know what to say, but hiker number two quickly corrected him, "No, no. They've got rigs."

We finally managed to get some climbing shots. Here's one of the classic sport lines at Cape Croker, Secret Garden, 5.10a.

We also checked out some of the new sport lines at TV Tower, short but fun.

TV tower also has some amazing cracks. Every time we climbed one, I'd think, "wow, that's the best line on the escarpment" and then the next one would be even better. Here's me cleaning the amazing Excalibur, 5.11b, a splitter crack that starts with some stemming and ends up overhanging about 45 degrees.

After five days of hard climbing, we figured some ice cream was well deserved.

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